Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...

Well, mom's on her way to something called a "Convention", where she's going to spend some time with her Irish pals. So that means I'm off to a "staycation" at the Barker Lounge!

Just catching a few zzz's before my fun starts!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend Mischief!

Hi buddies!

As many of you know, I'm wild about Nutrish™ for dogs. Mom feeds me the Grain Free variety, mixed with some of the wet Nutrish Delish™.

Well, mom orders the Nutrish Delish™ from Amazon, as a monthly subscription. Our delivery was Saturday, and she thought that the box would be safe since it was unopened.

Silly lady! She came home to the torn box and the containers and lids scattered in the foyer!

I was in the middle of enjoying some when she took it all away! How mean of her was that?
Well, she couldn't resist sharing the aftermath with our friends, so we took a couple of pictures. She considered creating a sign, like you may have seen on those "dog shaming" memes, but I certainly didn't look shameful, BOL!

Hey, who could blame me? I know a good thing when I smell it, and this coonhound
has the nose that knows all!

Now, I'm a Nutrish™ Ambassador, but we're just letting you know that our Nutrish Delish™ shipment is paid for by mom. We're proud to have Nutrish™ as our sponsor!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday's Tails, Meet Bosco & Rosco!

Hi buddies!

This week we'd love for you to meet Bosco and Rosco! Just look at these faces!

Here's their story from their page:
 "Bosco (more white faced) and his brother Rosco (short tail) are two very tight knit, 18 month old brothers. Their love for one another is unmeasurable. They do everything together and so it was only fitting their evaluation be as one. These two are a duo. Together they walk well on the lead. Apart they get upset and cry.
"Both Bosco and Rosco are very gentle and loving. They enjoy toys and share them well. Both have no issues being handled head to tails even while they eat. Bosco and Rosco are good with people and other dogs. They love to go for walks and to just hang out. They are a beautiful pair of Old English bulldogs (Eng. Bulldog/pit cross). They would make any bully lover happy and proud. These are beautiful dogs with big hearts!"


These fellows are currently at the Newark Humane Society, in Newark, New Jersey.  And with each adoption, the Society will present a DVD on TRAINING YOUR DOG or YOUR ADOPTED CAT at no charge. The dog video will include problems with chewing, jumping, mouthing, etc., but who trains a cat, BOL?
There are $300 worth of free coupons offered with the dog video and $100 in free coupons for each cat adopter. It's a win - win buddies!
All my paws are crossed for these two! Hoping that they find their forever home, together soon!

The Tuesday's Tails Blog hop features shelter pets, all waiting for their forever homes. Please consider featuring a cat, dog or any pet at your local shelter on your blog and join the hop! Sharing these friends will certainly improve their chances of being adopted!
Thank you Dogs 'N Pawz & Talking Dogs for hosting! 
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