Sunday, March 18, 2012

What A Week!

Hi Buddies! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day to all everyone! Mom really intended to get my post up sooner, but it's been a busy week here at Prudie's Place.
Tuesday mom came home to find our front door's glass broken, she freaked out! Thankfully I was home and scared the b*****d person away. Nobody got in, thanks to my fierce barking abilities, but mom was pretty upset. So the police came. Of course the officer was very impressed by me, bol! He said I was a hero, can you believe that? What a great judge of character!
Then she needed to get the door fixed so I wouldn't get hurt by the broken glass and nobody can get in. I'm a little surprised those porch kitties didn't do more to protect us, but I digress.
On top of that, it's St. Patrick's Day. Mom is just a little involved with an Irish group, so this whole month keeps her busy. There's a flag raising, parades, lunches *sigh*, I just wish she could stay home with me (or at least take me to lunch)!

Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bolwage, Div. President Jennifer Goodman (& her dad in the background with the flags).

We'll post pictures from the parade as soon as she finds her cable *shaking head*. Mom likes to think she's organized, but ... not so much I'm afraid, BOL!
Thanks fur stopping by, have a great week!
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Please Help Reunite a Marine With Her Service Dog!

Baroooo buddies!

Photo credit Peter Carr/The Journal News

Megan Leavey and Rex served together in Iraq, where they both were disabled by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Megan has left the service in 2007 with a Purple Heart and has been trying to adopt Rex since then. Since Rex was too valuable as a working dog, her requests were denied.
Recently Rex has been diagnosed with nerve paralysis, which leaves him unable to serve. Pets For Patriots is helping to spread the word and create awareness so that the military will allow Megan to adopt Rex and then she'll be able to take care of him for the rest of his life.
You can read all about it here , then please spread the word!
Word of mouth is a powerful thing and mom believes that the blogging community, especially the anipal community, can work wonders! Please share Megan's story with anyone that you think may be able to help.
Thanks buddies!
Always a little late but glad we made it to the hop!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hats of Hope

Sorry buddies, mom's been very busy and hasn't been keeping up with my blog *giving mom the stink eye*.

Today we read our pal Mario's blog and realized it was time fur her to get back to our blog! People things will always be waiting!
We're sending Miss Judi of It's Sass! our pawsitive thoughts and pawprayers! We believe in the power of positive thinking and the power of our blogging pals.
Barooo buddies!