Friday, June 24, 2016

A Different Concept of Pet Insurance

        One of the many great things about attending a Petcentric Social Media Conference like BlogPaws is getting to learn about new products and new innovations on the market place.
Figo Pet Insurance is among the sponsors this year. Their concept to pet insurance goes beyond the reimbursement and deductibles to a more complete system of maintaining your pet's health. Through the use of innovative technology and a choice of three plans, pet companions are given reliable options and peace of mind.

       Figo Pet Insurance is underwritten by the Markel Corporation, based in Richmond, Virginia. Figo's coverage provides reimbursements for treatments administered by licensed veterinarians, emergency vet clinics, and specialists anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

    Among the many items covered are Veterinary Exam Fees, Specialists' visits, accidents, emergency visits, surgeries, prescriptions, hereditary, chronic and congenital conditions, holistic and alternative therapies, cancer treatments, and more.

     My favorite part of the Figo plan is the ability to upload your pet's medical history to the Cloud, where via an app (IOS or Android), you can access this information anywhere, especially useful in the case of an emergency if you're away from home. The app has many features including appointment reminders, a "Near Me" button, claim services, veterinarians, and Pet GPS!
     The ability to upload from any device or send documents directly into your Pet Cloud via your personal email is ideal for the "paper challenged" person that I tend to be. As hard as I try to be more organized, my system of filing important information doesn't always work out as well as I've anticipated. Figo allows you to upload all of your pet's medical history and photos of veterinary bills and other important items. The Figo app lets you share the information that you choose.

    Prudence was covered by a different company's pet insurance plan, which worked well for us, but filing a claim was a problem. Faxing forms is really a nuisance, especially if a fax machine isn't among the many tech items we owned at the time. With the Figo plan, claims can be made via the app, making things a bit easier in a time of stress from a sick or injured pet. 

 If you think that Figo Insurance may be a good option for you, head to the Figo Insurance website and get a quote. It's simple as one, two, three. See which of the three plan options work best for you and your pet. There's an excellent graphic on the site, much more extensive than the sample I've added below, showing the difference in coverage between Figo Pet Insurance and other plans available.

 I can't speak from experience, since until I bring another dog into my life, pet insurance will wait but I can honestly tell you that I believe Figo Insurance may be the option for me. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be posting more updated from BlogPaws shortly!
As Prudence would say, "thanks fur stopping by pals"!


Thursday, June 23, 2016

A New Chapter

     Many of you know that Prudence passed on last October. I still haven't been able to put her loss into words, as if then I would be admitting that she really is gone. She was such a presence and inspired so much of what I've come to do over these several years. I know she'll always be with me in spirit and hopefully soon another coonhound will come into my life. I do know that Pru left big paw prints to fill, as she's left those same paw prints on my soul.

     I've decided to keep the blog up in her memory, and over the next few weeks, I'll be introducing you to some of the kitties that share our home. I know they miss her too but it's going to be interesting to see how they react to a new canine pal. I have a few reviews to post in the meantime so be on the lookout for those and I'll also be writing about shelter pets and rescue transports.

      There will be a bit of an evolution to this, as I'll also be sharing pictures and stories of this year's gardening adventures and some crafting thrown into the mix!

Perhaps this will be the summer that the chicken coop gets assembled? We'll see!

As Prudence would say "thanks fur stopping by pals"!