Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog The Change, How My Life Was Saved!

Greetings buddies!
Mom was at an impasse as to what to write about regarding "Blogging The Change". So many bloggers have written about so many important topics, she was at a loss.
So, I've decided to write a little bit about the rescue group that literally saved my life. As many of you know, mom found me through Thank goodness fur! We often wonder how many pets found their forever homes thanks to them.
Anyway, several years ago, mom decided she needed a new dog (after her Mathilda went to the Rainbow Bridge). While surfing through Petfinder, she came upon a photo of a wee coonhound. The background story: A litter of Treeing Walker Coonhound puppies were left at a Georgia "kill" shelter, all suffering from Parvo. Parvo is often a death sentence, and for a litter of unwanted puppies, it seemed as if we were doomed.

Thankfully, Eleventh Hour Rescue, based in Rockaway, NJ, worked one of their many miracles and transported me and my littermates from Georgia to New Jersey. Once here, their wonderful vets treated and cured us of Parvo. According to our vet, I was a very lucky pup indeed! Parvo is a killer! In our part of the country most dogs are vaccinated against it, but in some states, it's not required.
And remember Daniel, the gas chamber survivor? Thanks to Eleventh Hour Rescue, he's on his way to a furever home too!
We're forever grateful to Eleventh Hour Rescue and my fosters Danelle and John! We try to attend all their events, but we really love going to their annual Puptoberfest! It's like a big reunion of all the rescues, and they showcase all the fosters waiting fur their forever homes!

Please remember, we can all make a difference and everyone can help make a change! Hoping that all pets find their forever homes, just like I did!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper!

Well, as some people would say, the cat's out of the bag!
A couple of weeks ago, mom was sent on a mission from BarkWorld Expo. She and Neely (@theGivingPaw) were given tickets to see the Anderson Cooper Show about Extreme Pets.
The guests included Anais Hayden, with her vegan dyed dogs (looking fabulous!),
(Photo from
John Fulton from "Must Love Cats" and Henry "Lizardlover" via satellite with his carefully posed lizards.
(Photo from
There was a quick presentation of jewelry made from cat hair, made by Flora Davis, which was very interesting. Mom's seen some of this sort of thing on Etsy. I hope she's not getting any ideas *shaking head*!
There were lots of video clips. She was thrilled to see Jasmine and highlights from Steadman's wedding at BarkWorld Expo last year!
Beyonce, the world's smallest puppy made an appearance also. This tiny pup is so lucky. Her mom was due to be euthanized, but was rescued by the Grace Foundation. When the puppies were born, tiny Beyonce almost didn't make it. Thanks to the humans, she's thriving and will be a terrific spokesdog for rescuing dogs all over!
(Photo from
I think I need to be a guest on the next "Extreme Pets" on Anderson's show. I'd fit right in!
(Photo from, Prudence was photoshopped onto the set)
Thanks fur visiting buddies, and thanks to BarkWorld Expo! Barooooo!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mischevious Monday!

Normally I'm the culprit here, but this weekend, mom has crossed the line!
I've reported on the porch kitties in earlier posts, but I knew mom was thinking of ways to help them. Unfortunately, shelters are pretty full in our area and she hated to think that they might be destroyed if she turned them in.
Well, Tigger kitty helped her make up her mind yesterday. Mom hadn't seen her in a couple of days and feared the worst. Then, while in the front room upstairs, Wren and Sparrow went nuts! They ran to the window all floofed up! Miss Tigger was right outside the window. Somehow she got stuck on the porch roof! Yikes!
Although I advised against it (I am a dog after all, and already outnumbered here), Mom brought Ms. Tigger in through the window. And of course couldn't let her back outside *sigh*.

Later this evening, she had the nerve to bring Mr. Marmalade in (Ms. Tigger's brother). Evidently, mom has lost her mind to kitties! Oh well, she's the mischevious one today, fur sure!
More details to follow buddies!

Thanks Snoopy fur hosting the Hop!
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