Monday, April 2, 2012

Mischevious Monday!

Normally I'm the culprit here, but this weekend, mom has crossed the line!
I've reported on the porch kitties in earlier posts, but I knew mom was thinking of ways to help them. Unfortunately, shelters are pretty full in our area and she hated to think that they might be destroyed if she turned them in.
Well, Tigger kitty helped her make up her mind yesterday. Mom hadn't seen her in a couple of days and feared the worst. Then, while in the front room upstairs, Wren and Sparrow went nuts! They ran to the window all floofed up! Miss Tigger was right outside the window. Somehow she got stuck on the porch roof! Yikes!
Although I advised against it (I am a dog after all, and already outnumbered here), Mom brought Ms. Tigger in through the window. And of course couldn't let her back outside *sigh*.

Later this evening, she had the nerve to bring Mr. Marmalade in (Ms. Tigger's brother). Evidently, mom has lost her mind to kitties! Oh well, she's the mischevious one today, fur sure!
More details to follow buddies!

Thanks Snoopy fur hosting the Hop!
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  1. Poor Prudence. poor poor prudence.


  2. That is mischief for sure on your mom's part. Yikes Pru - that means you might end up being roomies with c,a,t,s! Hope you don't have a problem with that. he he

  3. I don't know what I'd do if I was out numbered like that. But I am glad your mom has a soft spot for the furry little ones.

  4. Hey Prudence,

    You're sure outnumbered there buddy - that was a good bit of Mischief though by the Kitties to ensure they were brought inside - guess you gotta give them credit for that?

    Good luck pal and if it gets too much give me a shout and you can come for a play retreat! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Poor Prudence! But how nice of your Momma! :)

  6. So behind on my blog reading and just getting to this one...

    It's a really wonderful thing your Momma, did Pru. I know you're outnumbered, but it's nice of you to share your home with these two little kitties who had nowhere else to go. :hugs: and :thanks: to you all.

  7. Just stoppin' by to say hello...and Happy Easter to ya!