Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Ready Fur BarkWorld 2012!

Hi pals, Mom's getting pretty psyched about BarkWorld this year! The first Social Media Conference she ever attended was the BarkWorld Expo in 2010. She still can't believe that she managed to go, since she's basically pretty shy and back then, wasn't so thrilled with flying… Boy she's come a long way! I was well represented by my doppleganger, "Pru On A Stick", since I don't fly, BOL!
(Yep, here I am hanging with the Shibberin' Cheetos and the Hookalopes!) She was so glad that she went. She was able to meet so many of our Twitter pals fur the first time. Attending the sessions taught her a lot too! Last year's BarkWorld was even better! There was so much more for her to learn and she was able to make some great connections with possible sponsors. She had such a good time with her online pals too, both the humans and the pets!
Well this year, BarkWorld is going to be a blast! The line up of speakers is amazing. Among the keynote speakers: Brent Herd, the Southeast Director of Twitter, Inc. (Twitter baby!), Matt Meeker, co-founder of, Andy Nibley, the writer/director of the HBO Documentary "Madonna of the Mills", and Ed Sayres , the CEO of the ASPCA. The sessions are pretty impressive too! So many great choices! Social Petworking, Dog Yoga, Digital Scrapbooking, the list goes on! Then the fun stuff! A "Howl-oween" Pawty!, sponsored by the Atlanta Dog Spa & Petco. Themed Block Pawties and Prize Giveaways! One of the latest exhibitors to be added to the list is The Barktender's Guide"! Now many of you know that I often barktend at Twitter Pawpawties and at #NipClub so we're very excited to see this!
The BarkWorld Expo opens on Thursday October 25 and runs through Saturday October 27 at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. Mom hopes that she'll see you in Atlanta at BarkWorld!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where Did My Weekend Go?

Hi buddies! Mom's been so busy, running errands, doing whatever it is that people seem to need to do *shaking head*. Why can't I convince her to just chill out, enjoy the day and furget about those "other" things!
Now we just heard that it's National Dog Day!!! Well mom, I think you need to spend some quality time with me today!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dogs Are Worth It Too Day!

Every year, we go to "Because Your Dog Is Worth It Too" event, hosted by L'Oreal to benefit the Susan G. Comen "Race For The Cure". After a rainy start, the day turned out to be beautiful! We got an early start, which was a good thing. As the day went on, the crowds kept coming!
We got to meet Elwood! He was voted the "Ugliest Dog" a few years ago, but mom says he's "intriguing". And he's in a children's book now too! Pretty famous, I'd say! Elwood was accompanied by Coco, a cutie that was abandoned in an apartment, without food or water for days after his owner was arrested. Fortunately, a neighbor alerted Camden City Animal Control. Joa's Arc stepped in and Coco is now being fostered and is improving everyday.
You can read more about Coco and the other pets being cared for at the Joa's Arc website! There were so many pups and people there, some all dressed up in strollers, ready fur their spotlight!
And more, patiently waiting in line for a chance to spin the wheel fur pawrizes!
There was even a singing basset hound!
Thanks fur stopping by buddies!

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Black Cat Appreciation Day!

If you read my blog, you know that I share my home with a few kitties. Since today is Black Cat Appreciation Day, I'd like to tell you about my (mostly) black cat pals, Wren and Sparrow. I know, very silly names for cats *looking at mom*.
This is my pal Denise holding them when they were still very young, looks likes she's about to juggle them, BOL! Mom needs to take more pictures of them, because their fur is so dark, she doesn't think the photos do them justice. They both came to our home "accidentally". Wren arrived the day after Christmas 2011, just before a huge blizzard was about to hit the northeast. That's how he got his name! December 26th is "Wren Day" in Ireland. A few days later, his sister showed up. Mom heard her mewing among the snow piles from the storm. She knocked on a few doors, but nobody knew where she could have come from. Mom called her Stimpy at first (from one of mom's favorite cartoons, "Ren and Stimpy"), but we decided that she's really too pretty fur that name! Sparrow seemed more like her personality ('tho I think she's a Ninja at heart!). Mom promises to get some better pictures of these two very soon! Thanks fur stopping by!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Inspiration often comes unexpectedly. While reading one of our favorite blogs, Bailey Be Good this morning, mom was once again reminded of something that she has missed doing. Bailey's mom is an artist and she does beautiful portraits of the doggies that she knows. Now my mom is an artist too, and she's very fortunate to have a full time job as a technical illustrator and writer. But what she draws is just that, very technical. She's always considered herself an artist, and even majored in fine arts in college. Art jobs were scarce then and even more rare now. Mom loves being able to do what she loves, and considers herself very fortunate. All her drawings are done on the computer and she loves that part too. But every now and then she's reminded of the joy that drawing and painting by hand brings to her.
This is my portrait, in pastels by a Twitter pal, Joan Brienza Nardozzi. Joan is another great inspiration fur mom. There are so many terrific anipal artists including BZTAT , 47 from Rocco's House, and Robin (who blogs fur Chesire)! So thank you to all the artists that we've met on line and in person that have inspired mom to get off her duff and start drawing again!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday (& World Cat Day)!

Since it's World Cat Day, mom thought that I might mention how I put up with share my home with a few kitty cats. (Even I'll admit, Toby's a handsome man cat!)
So today I'll tell you about our Toby cat. He came to mom's place with his pal Mo a little more than 10 years ago, so they were here a while before mom brought me home! They were both about 9 years old when they arrived, so Toby's pushing 20 now! I know that as a puppy, I put those two through their paces, bol! Mo has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge and we know that Toby misses his pal a lot. Even 'tho I'm a dog, I do appreciate what my kitties do to make my life more fun. They keep me on my paws. I have to keep an eye on them in case they get into trouble (or my toy box!). Every now and then I like to claim the whole couch as Prudenceville, but then I'm reminded that I need to share *shaking head*. Of course the best is when I can cadge some of their chow when nobody's looking! Because it's World Cat Day, and we believe every home needs a kitty, we're sharing Spice, pictured below. Mom thinks she's lovely, so who am I to argue?
Spice is one of the lovely kitties waiting fur her forever home at Friends of Linden Animal Shelter in Linden, NJ. You can read more about Spice on her petfinder page! Remember doggy pals, it takes a real dog to appreciate the kitties! Baroooo buddies, thanks fur stopping by!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Well pals, I'm staying at the Lounge fur a couple of days while mom is off to her first ever BlogHer conference! She's getting more nervous as she reads all the information coming in about it *shaking head* but I know she'll be fine. She's been to a few Social Media conferences before and always enjoys them. I think it's all the hype (and more than a few thousand expected attendees) that she's reading about. I've told her just to relax, learn as much as she can and get those networking skills in order. What makes it a Thankful Thursday is mom realizes that she's so very fortunate to be able to attend these conferences and that I'm able to chill at the Lounge with my buddies while she's busy! Thanks fur stopping by!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012