Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nashville, Finally!

Hi buddies!
     Mom made it to BlogPaws 2015!
This year the conference is being held in Nashville, Tennessee. Since she's a little geographically challenged, she figured it might be a fun drive. Well, 14 plus hours later, she's busy patting herself on the back for making her longest road trip ever!

It wasn't so bad, she had good company with the Stunning Cathy Keisha's TW navigating, plush CK, Mario and my flat stand in doing some back seat driving.

Of course, I'm staying at my home away from home, the Barker Lounge, but I'll be making sure that she posts all the fun things that comes along this weekend. She's considering making some major changes to our blog, so this weekend she needs to learn as much as she can! 

Thanks for stopping by, we'll be blogging more from BlogPaws tomorrow!