Saturday, June 30, 2012

Write a Post, Help a Dog 2012!

A great big thank you to the people from Pedigree Dog Food. Once again they've promised to donate food to shelter dogs fur every blog post written about their "Write a Post, Help a Dog campaign"!
Their program is in its third year, and has generated 650 blog posts and 6.5 TONS of food to help feed shelter dogs! As many of you know, I was a rescue, so I take these things pretty seriously! We think it's fantastic that Pedigree continues to help shelter pets, spreading the word and working to find so many their forever homes. Please take a minute to check out the Pedigree Foundation and thank you very bmuch fur stopping by buddies!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mom's At BlogPaws!

Mom's at BlogPaws fur the weekend, so while she's away, I'm gonna play! Since I'm a big doggy, I don't fly anywhere, so maybe next year I can attend Blogpaws 2013 in Virginia! She promised to post fur me, and she's been trying to work out a way to include some photos... So maybe later today she can add some pictures *paws crossed*! More to follow buddies, thanks fur stopping by!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mischevious Monday (Everyday)!

Hi buddies! Many of you know that I get to spend some of my days at the Barker Lounge. Well, I haven't been able to get there as often as I like due to mom being busy. But she's promised that I can go at least once a week now! Sooooo, Friday was my day. And I guess my people pals at the Lounge forgot about my "lunch-napping" skills. BOL! I managed to help myself to someone's lunch! Wrapper and all!!! It was so worth it buddies! Even 'tho mom had to keep a watch to make sure "everything" worked its way out of my system *shaking head*. (Photo courtesy of the Barker Lounge) Don't my people know by now that I can handle almost anything! Thanks fur stopping by buddies! Thanks Snoopy , Alfie , Luna & My Brown Newfies fur hosting!
Snoopy's Dog Blog

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What A Week!

Hi buddies! We've been so busy here, glad that I've convinced mom that I need to post for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop! A great big thank you for Denise Quashie (& Frankie Beans) from BarkWorld for inviting mom to attend BlogWorld & New Media Expo! What a blast! Mom was only able to go on Thursday, but the sessions were so informative. She's got sooo many ideas, now she needs to put them to work! Baroooo! The highlight of the day for mom was meeting @thebloggess ! Mom just finished her book, and had hoped to attend the book signing in nearby Montclair the night before. Jenny Lawson was a doll (& mom was pawstruck!). If you're ever looking for a chuckle, check out the bloggess's site. You won't regret it fur a second! It was a long day, but mom stayed fur the Closing Keynote, hosted by Mark Malkoff, featuring Jenny Lawson, David Thorne , Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda (of Chad Vadar fame) and Daria Musk . It was terrific! Thanks fur stopping by buddies!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cat Daddy's Book Signing!

Most of you may know that I share my home with a few kitties. I'm proud to say that I get along pretty well with my feline fursibs, most of the time.... but that's a tale for another day, BOL! A couple of week's ago, mom read that Jackson Galaxy, the star of My Cat From Hell, was on a book signing tour and one of his stops was in New Jersey! Mom believes our kitties are little angels, but she loves what Jackson is able to accomplish with other kitties and their families. It's so important that people understand why their pets behave (or misbehave) and that they learn how to make positive changes. This would keep so many dogs and cats out of the shelters if people could work on this *shaking head*. The signing was held at the Clinton Bookstore, an independent bookshop located in one of mom's favorite towns.
Harvey Finkel, the owner, had everything very organized. He laid out the ground rules before the crowd entered and made sure that the event ran smoothly. What a crowd!
It was a warm, humid day but everyone kept their cool. Because Jackson is from the New York area, his family was able to come with him to the signing. His father was so nice, asking mom how many cats we have, baroooo! I might have told him too many, but I digress. She did mention that she had a big coonhound, meaning me (thank goodness!). She was so impressed by Jackson's down to earth, calm demeanor. What a nice guy! She mentioned that we follow each other on Twitter, so look at his autograph:
Needless to say, she was thrilled! This Jackson fella looks like somebody I'd love to romp with, if he ever gets some time away from helping people with their kitties!
(That's mom, with Jackson's dad in the background.)
And a big kitty outside the bookstore! Thanks fur visiting buddies! And thank you to the sponsors of the Saturday Blog Hop, Confessions of the Plume , Two Little Caveliers and Life With Dogs !