Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finally, my first blog post!

  I've been after the woman to get my blog started and now finally she's agreed (darn these big paws of mine)! I've got so much to share with anyone who will listen (and now read).
  A little bit about my family. I share my home with the peoples and a few kitties (but don't let my buddies at the Lounge know too much about my kitty pals, you know how some dogs can be *shaking head*). Because I'm a big girl, I need to get lots of exercise. Since the peoples have to go to work, I spend a few days a week at a doggie daycare, romping and stomping with my pals. It's like the coolest hang-out!
  Dog parks are cool too, and mom takes me to lots to "Doggie" events, she even dressed me up for the Martha Stewart's Doggie Halloween Show last year. She said I was very good, but I thought the entire thing was silly. I nibbled the biscuits from another pup's costume and Marc Morrone, the pet guy, told mom how much he loves hounds! But the car ride into NYC was fun and I got a cool toy for my trouble, baroooo!

  One of my favorite things is Twitter. We spend a lot of time tweeting with our anipals, going to pawpawties, dressing up our avi's and just having a blast. I love barktending at the pawties and dropping into #NipClub to unwind. This is another thing I need assistance with (big paws are such a nuisance sometimes), but mom has a lot of fun typing for me.
 Well, gotta go now! See you around, baroooo!

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  1. what a nice bloggy- doggie day care sounds fun fun fun, love petie the cat