Sunday, August 7, 2011

County Fair in NJ Can Only Mean Trouble!

Yesterday mom went to the Middlesex County Fair. Unfortunately, I couldn't go, silly "no pets allowed" rule, poo to that! So I had to stay home and keep an eye on the kitties, oh well.
A friend of her's had entered a crazy quilt in the Quilt show there, and she won, yay!

Then, she saw the Wolf exhibit, by Howling Woods Farm. They work to rescue domestic bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds. They also educate the public about these beautiful creatures.

She's got a thing about chickens, and keeps talking about keeping a few in MY yard! First she needs to build something called a "coop" and make sure it's secure from any raccoons or even the neighborhood kitties... I'm not in any hurry to share my yard with anyone else. But she keeps looking at chickens, there were so many at the Fair, thanks to the 4-H Club.

Thankfully, she just came home with some handmade soap and doggy treats! So far we're a chicken-free household, but don't know how long that will last!
Thanks for visiting, baroooo!


  1. Hi Prudence! Thanks for coming over to visit us kitties and to let us know your mom is coming to Blog Paws! Teri is trying to make a list of bloggers that will be there that we follow, and the list keeps getting longer and longer, hahameow! Tell us your mom's name (Teri's real bad at remembering names though) and yes, Disco and Brighton and Coco will be there in the blue stroller, so be sure to have her come and say hello and get some free pets (not like chickens, we mean like pats on the head, hahameow!)

  2. Hi Prudence. So glad you stopped by my blog. I love meeting new friends. Your site is really fun.

    I have a little advise for you about the chicken thing.......No No must stop your human from getting chickens.

    My Vickie has a friend who loves chickens and keeps them too. And you can't beleive how involved those humans get with those chickens.

    They have them sitting on their laps....they oooohhh oand aaaawwww about them. "Oh my chicken Gertured has the most beautiful head feathers, Oh Trumble has the most handsome walk" It just gets so booorish.......

    So do what you can to talk her out of it. I promise, she will start giving them more and more of your time.....

    You must fight this my new friend.....Chickens are lovable and they can mess your life up a bunch.

    Except for the new critters that will start visiting your yard. That could be entertaining. Raccoons are pretty cool to look at, but Do Not Try to play with them.

    Take care

  3. Yes, do get chickens! Since my Airedales and chickens didn't grow up together, I only let the chickens out of their pen when the dogs are indoors. I think dog smells in the yard help keep the neighborhood raccoons away.

  4. I use to breed Polish and Silkie chickens. I had the polish like the one in your first photo but in black and grey. They are soooo much fun, eat your scraps and give you eggs! Bert is right, people do get involved..It's GREAT!!!

  5. Just dropping by with a friendly hi! Thank you for your blog comment.

    I LOVE that quilt, it looks awesome, and a blue ribbon too - wow. Mum says we have enough room for chickens but its a long way for you to visit MOL!

    *mosetaps * Dash Kitten

  6. Hey, Prudence, thanks for the kind comment on our blog. :)