Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dogster Dog Of The Day!

Mom has to catch up with reporting on all the fun and great things that she learned while at BarkWorld Expo, but her work keeps getting in the way *kicking work stuff*!
But today we found out that I was selected to be Dogster's "Dog of the Day", baroooooo! Check it out at www.Dogster.com .
We'd love it if you'd stop by and become pals with me on Dogster. Its a terrific community of dog lovers, doggies of all kinds hang out there. There's also www.Catster.com for the kitties! We're going to set up an account for our kitties, maybe they should each have their own page, hmmm?
Wow, I'm the luckiest coonhound if ever there was! Thanks for stopping by buddies, Barooooo!


  1. COngratulations!!! I sent you PPR!

  2. Sounds like your mon learned a lot and also had some fun. So happy she got to go.

  3. You're FAMOUS, Prudence! Cool!