Friday, October 14, 2011

Walk Fur A Cure!

In honor of tomorrow's Walk For A Cure, my pals at the Barker Lounge took pictures of all of us doggies wearing pink shirts. I felt a little silly, but realized that this is very important. It helps to raise awareness and also raises money toward research, so that someday, we'll be cancer free. Mom lost her own mother to breast cancer, so we take this great cause to heart.
Don't worry, I wasn't as sad as I look! I got lots of treats afterwards! If you'd like to see the other pictures from today, please feel free to check out the Barker Lounge page on FaceBook!
Thanks fur stopping by buddies! Barooo!


  1. That is a great picture of you sweetie. We hope some day there sill be a discovery so there is no more breast cancer or cancer of any kind.

  2. Prudence, you look adorable! Hope your big day was successful-we all take a cure to heart!

  3. Prudence, you are the best. Soon we will have to have walks for your poor puppy pals with cancer. I'm talking about Luna and now Kimble, who both have been bitten by the cancer bug. It seems more and more of our pets are being stricken.