Monday, February 13, 2012

More Monday (Everyday!) Mischief!

Many of you know already that I'm made fur mischief! Mom often calls me her personal Pooka, although I think she's only kidding!
A pooka is a mischievous Irish creature, often causing harm, depending on where in the country he or she is living. Usually the pooka appears as a large horse, roaming the countryside at night but has been know to take on many different guises. Now I'm a big dog with long legs and I do love to romp but I never (or almost never) cause any damage! *shaking head* Okay, maybe a little!

I'd prefer to have my friends think of me as a benevolent Leprechaun! Always looking for fun and bringing all my pals a bit of luck! Now if only I could find my pot of gold!

Thank you Alfie's Blog, Snoopy's Dog Blog, and Luna, a Dog's Life, and My Brown Newfies fur hosting this hop!


  1. so in other words you are a pooka, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Thanks for bringing everyone a bit of luck. Be sure to let us know when you find your pot of gold! LOL

  3. I like to go to the park. Trees are fun to look at and sniff.

  4. ha ha - Love those pictures of you sweetie. You maybe a Pooka to mom, but you are a "SWEETIE" to M and me.

  5. We all could use some luck, "Pooka."

  6. If I let you sniff mom's gold necklace can you find the pot of gold then? We can split it for our moms!

  7. I bet your mom never gets mad at you no matter how much mischief you happen to make. You're too adorable!

  8. Looks like you're a cool dude... and a lucky one too!

  9. Dude,

    What did you do? You didn't wreck the Squirrel house did you? I've got one of those and I love it, had it since I was a little pup…..

    Ok, when doing Mischief it really is better to do it with someone else's stuff NOT yours buddy! Tee Hee

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. The squirrel house is still whole buddy! It's one of my favorites too!