Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tails!

Hi buddies!

Today we'd love to introduce you to Apollo

Apollo has a captivating smile! Here is what the folks at the Newark Humane Society has to say about this handsome pup:

"Apollo is a young Staffie mix who was surrendered, he was a house dog and from the way he acted he was in the house most of his life and most likely is house trained. He is sweet and easy to handle, he's attended several outings and a adoption day and has been a gentleman to all, people, dogs, etc. Very well behaved at those functions. He is sweet and loves to be handled. He seemed fine with all the passing dogs, had a good food test and gently took treats from us. He's just a sweet big baby looking for a another home like he had before. He is in really good condition. Nice calm gentle boy. Great dog."

We love the wonderful photos, taken by Stacey Gammon of Stacey Gammon Pet Photography, of the adoptable dogs and cats on the Newark Humane Society's Petfinder pages, including this one!

Apollo, all dressed up, looking for his forever home!

Apollo and many other wonderful pets are available for adoption at the Associated Humane Societies in Newark, New Jersey. All pets at the shelter are up to date on their shots and will be altered and micro-chipped once they've been adopted.
  Please visit their website or give the shelter a call at 973-824-7080.

   The Society offers free DVDs with all cat and dog adoptions at no charge. $300 worth of coupons are offered to each new dog parent and $100 worth of coupons for each new cat parent too!
The Tuesday's Tails Blog hop features shelter pets, all waiting for their forever homes. Please consider featuring a cat, dog or any pet at your local shelter on your blog and join the hop! Sharing these friends will certainly improve their chances of being adopted!
Thank you Dogs 'N Pawz for hosting the hop, in doing so, honoring Princess Phe!


  1. Apollo looks like a happy boy. I hope he finds a new home soon. Will share.

  2. Look at that smile!! He is pretty irresistible; here's hoping Apollo finds his forever home very soon. I will share this :)


  3. Oh my, you are so right! You just got to love that beautiful smile. I hope Appolo doesn't have to wait much longer for a great big happy. We will share.

  4. looks like a very sweet boy!

  5. Ditto, what a smile and we so wish Apollo well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh, what a face! His smile makes me smile. So glad you're participating in the hop. I've already shared him on our Tuesdays Tails Facebook page and will do some more sharing right now.

  7. He is precious! Thanks for joining the blog hop and I'm off to share!

  8. What kinds of DVDs? heh heh. Apollo has an inneresting mask on his face and a nice smile. Hope he finds a home soon.