Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Road Trip Ready With Kurgo!

 Hiya pals!

The good folks at Kurgo asked us to review one of their car seat covers. Since we just purchased a new vehicle a few months ago, we jumped on the opportunity! It's hard for us to keep the interior nice and neat when traveling with a hound like me!

Easy to install, the cover stays in place with adjustable loops that go over the back seat head rests and elastic cords help to keep it taught below the seats. There's also a sturdy strap that can wrap behind the seat backs to keep the cover in place.

The covers are waterproof and stain-resistant, very important to consider when you're transporting this hound! We love that the openings for the seat belts have Velcro® closures, helping to keep fur, dirt and any spills from reaching the upholstery. The fabric has a nice feel, not too rough and not slippery at all. The cover is machine washable, in cold water. Just hang it up to dry.

There are two roomy pockets, perfect for any toys that might come along for the ride too.

 As you can tell, when I'm in the car, I'm ready to roll!
 The Kurgo company knows how much people enjoy the great outdoors and want to share the experience with their canine companions! It can be a rough and muddy ride, so it's great that Kurgo stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty!

Please excuse the drool! Another reason we love our Kurgo car seat cover!
  One of the things we really like about the Kurgo company is that they give back to the community. They've donated to over 400 non-profit organizations that help animals. They've also created the Kurgo Foundation. The foundation supports non-profits assisting animals in the wake of a disaster.

This coonhound gives our seat cover a 4 Paw rating!

Disclaimer:  We received the Kurgo car seat cover to review, but our opinions are our own. We would never recommend a product or service that we didn't completely trust and believe in.

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  1. Those pockets are good for collapsible water dishes and bottles of water, too. Arooo! (beagle sign of approval)

    1. Thanks Emmy! I think that they would be a great place for my snacks, but mom says that's not such a good idea for me since I would help myself to all of them!

  2. Looks like a great seat for a smooth ride. Love, love, love the company values of helping those in need.

  3. HAH! I was trying to win one of these for you. I’m glad you got one.

    1. BOL! You know how I roll CK! Leaving a trail of furs everywhere. Thanks for thinking of me! *high paws*