Sunday, January 29, 2012

Training Day!

Hiya buddies!
We all know how important good training is, so I'm going to just run over the hightlights of a properly trained mom or dad!

1. Remember to reward any good behavior with the paw! Let them know that you appreciate all that they're learning to do fur you!
2. In keeping with the paw theme, when they sit down to relax, remind them with your paw that it's time fur you! You've waited all day fur them to sit and relax and they need to remember to play with you now!
3. During dinner, use the paw to remind them that you're entitled to a taste (or 2) of the people's foods. Never works fur me, but it's worth a try buddies!
4. When they're getting ready fur work during the week is a great time to lay out the guilt trip... works fur me all the time! Unless it's a Barker Lounge Day, there's always a few extra treats in it fur me!
5. Remind your person what side of the bed is yours, mine is usually the middle!
Thanks fur stopping by buddies, barooooo!


  1. Paws are very useful. I like to keep mine very clean. :)

  2. What great rules for training your Momma and Dad!

  3. I don't use the paw for a taste, but I do have one of the most pitiful looks ever!!!

  4. Most of that stuff works for me, MOST of the time. Just gotta watch her face to see whats happening there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today, please come back again and sign up with me.


    Stella, Jo, and Zkhat

  5. Great reminder Prudence! I need to remember to work on #4.

  6. you are training the pawrents good
    Benny & Lily

  7. Hi Prudence, nice to meet you. You seem to have all the bases covered! lol My human needs to work on nos 3&4, but otherwise I have her pretty well trained. Thanks for popping by my place x

  8. I am going to have to try these training stuff on MOM. I already have a few down like the bed part. I've got her so trained that when its bed time she stands by the bed until I have picked my spot. Then she takes what is left.

  9. Sometimes I chew on my mom's arm to remind her to throw the ball for me. That works pretty well except for the times she squeaks like a toy. Whaddya suppose that's about?