Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meet Skippy!

We have a soft spot in our hearts fur hound dogs, so this week we'd like you to meet Skippy!

     This handsome Basset Hound is looking for his furever home. He's 8 years old, neutered, house trained and is up to date on his shots. His current owner has to go into a nursing home, so Skippy needs a new place to call home. He gets along with everyone he meets and would be a great companion.

     If you'd like more information, please visit his Petfinder page or contact Friends of Linden Animals at folasinfo@gmail.com. Better yet, stop by the Friends Of Linden Animals website to see Skippy and other wonderful adoptable pets!

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  1. Oh poor Skippy, how awful for him! I hope he finds his forever home.

    BTW, I have a soft spot for Beagles. :-)

  2. I feel sorry for Skippy's former owner too! I'm sure it wasn't easy to leave Skippy behind. If only nursing homes allowed dogs! I'm sure the residents would be so much happier. Sharing Skippy in hopes he finds a new owner.

    1. It's alway's a heartbreaker to read about pets and their people being separated. We agree, they'd be much better off together.

  3. That is really sad both for Skippy and the owner. Good luck Skippy finding a forever home. We hope a new owner will be near enough the nursing home for a regular visit. Paws crossed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Skipper we sure hope you find a fur-ever home soon!!
    Miss Kitty

  5. So sad for Skippy and his owner. Hope he finds a home real soon. He is a cutie!

  6. That first photo of him made me smile big!

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. Oh, those hound noses - wonderful, wonderful. Skippy, your master loved you and now, you get to love someone else who's looking for you and may not even know it yet.

  8. Oh, so sorry for Skippy and his owner! Well, with a face like that, I'm sure he'll find his furever home soon!
    Ruby ♥