Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tails, A Day Late!

Hi Buddies!

    Life here at Chez Prudence has been crazier than normal, and this time it's not MY fault! That's right pals!
  We're a day late with our Tuesday's Tails. But after you've met our adoptable kitties MaiTai and Julep, please read on *shaking coonhound head*.

The Tuesday's Tails Blog hop features shelter pets, all waiting for their forever homes. Please consider featuring a cat, dog or any pet at your local shelter on your blog and join the hop! Sharing these friends will certainly improve their chances of being adopted!
Thanks Dogs 'N Pawz for hosting the hop, in doing so, honoring Princess Phe!

This week we'd like to introduce you to MaiTai and Julip!

      These cuties arrived at the shelter at about 2 months old. Because they didn't have any human contact before then, they were very frightened of people. They went into foster care and received a lot of attention so now they're less afraid, but still cautious.
     From their Petfinder page: Mai Tai and Julep are "TOTALLY devoted to each other; they cuddle together constantly and they especially enjoy lounging in the hammock in their kitty crate. While it might be a lot to ask of a prospective adopter, these girls MUST be adopted together. And they need to be adopted by someone with a great deal of patience and prior experience with shy cats. If someone had a home office or a workshop where these two cats could cohabit without having a lot of interaction expected of them at first, that would be ideal.
    "Julep, the more trusting of the two, is a lovely soft gray tabby. Her sister MaiTai is what we call a Tabico - a tabby with orange running through her coat."
   They're both spayed and up to date with their shots. For more information on MaiTai and Julep, email Friends of Linden's Animals at or visit the Friends Of Linden Animals website.
Now for what's happening at my house!

    Yesterday morning I was greeted by three kittens at my side door as I was about to go out! These guys wanted to get into my house and they weren't afraid of me at all! Mom got me back inside so she could see who these "visitors" were....
     Well, she found a cardboard box at the gate to our yard with a plastic container of food. Looks like someone decided we needed even more kitties! Barooooo! I'm out numbered already here!

    Mom gathered them up and put them all into one of pet carriers and gave them some water. She posted to FaceBook and sent tweets. She contacted a few rescues and messaged others on FaceBook. We haven't been able to place them yet, but thankfully got lots of great information. Our twitter friends did a lot of retweeting fur us also. So mom's going to be busy reaching out to rescues in our area. The few that she heard  back from are full, so please keep your paws crossed!

Thanks fur stopping by pals!


  1. A big tip of the tail to your Mom for being such a great friend to all animals

  2. Mum you are wonderful. We hope everyone helps all they can with finding new homes. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  3. Oh, somebody knows your Moms is Dr. Dolittle!!! BOL
    I thinks they just know your Moms is a true friend to all things furry, and knew she would find good furever homes for em'.
    Pawsome. Paws crossed it'll happen can't stay out numbered for long!! Just not right!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  4. Pru, how wonderful of your Mom and you to help even more kittens! Sounds like they knew where to go for help. ARROOO from the Silverwalk hounds - we have no kittens :(.

  5. Too cute! Hope everyone finds forever homes:)

  6. I sure hope everyone finds the purrfect forever homes really soon!