Monday, September 5, 2011

Anipal Times Labor Day Celebration!

One of the things that we're very proud of is working as an editor for the Anipal Times! Mom was thrilled to meet @CokietheCat 's human at BlogPaws last week, it was like she's known her fur years! It helped that she had Cokie's doppleganger w/her too!
Because it's Labor Day in the U.S., we'd also like to salute all the working doggies, kitties & anipals everywhere, helping to make the world a better place!
Thanks for visiting, Barooooo!


  1. We are getting the feeling that we missed out on a fun time with the BlogPaws conference.

    Maybe next year

  2. Hi Prudence! Did your mom tell you about the great waiter they had at the restaurant the night before the hurricane!?

    Thanks for joining the blog hop. And you're right, we're grateful for all the working animals today, too!


  3. I'll be proud to join your blog hop - probably nex week tho. Love the Anipal Times and so appreciate all the talented writers and staff.

  4. Hello Pru from Finn! Maybe you can come to the next BlogPaws and we can meet! Hounds rule!

  5. Yo Prudence! Hope you had a fun labor day and got to the dog park.