Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Sometimes I have to stop and remember that I have so much to be thankful for. I was left in a Georgia shelter with my littermates, all suffering from Parvo. Luckily, 11th Hour Rescue brought us to New Jersey, treated us and found us our forever homes.
Yes, I have a comfy home, lots of noms and plenty of love. For this I am very thankful. I wish all the kitties and doggies everywhere could be as lucky as me.
Mom was away last weekend at something called "BlogPaws". She had a blast, learning so much and meeting up w/ all her Twitter pals too. And they weathered through Hurricane Irene! OMD!
The opening speakers were the fellas from Rescue Ink. Wow! They're a tough crew, but their mission is to rescue animals in danger and to "re-educate" abusers. These guys are terrific! I know if I ever got to meet them, they'd get lots of kisses from me! To learn more about them and their mission, please visit:
I'll be allowing mom to post more about BlogPaws over the next few days. She can't stop talking about it, so maybe this will get it out of her system, ggg.

Pictured: Diane of @CosmoHavanese, Amy Palmer, Theresa of @tildatoo, Wanda of @MaggieTKat, Patty of @Cathy_Keisha and Kristin of @CokieTheCat.


  1. Great picture and I'm so happy to see many of the oomans M talked to on the phone when CK's mom had Mags' mom call me on the phone. We really enjoyed visiting and now have a mental picture of that faces go with what voices & which of my pals!

  2. Hi Prudence! Thanks for joining the #ThankfulThursday Blog Hop!

    Mom had so much fun at BlogPaws and LOVEd meeting your mom and ALL the people in your photo, including your mom, who it turned out was not from England (??), but New Jersey! Easy mistake. (Where she got that idea, I'll never know.)

    Mom said if she had to be stuck at a hurricane party, she'd want it to be with you guys!