Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Saturday we got in the car to go to the 11th Hour Rescue's Puptoberfest! This year it was held at the Craigmeur Recreation Complex in Rockaway, NJ. What a terrific place! We had to drive along windy roads to get there, through hill and dale as mom likes to say. She let me stick my snout out to catch sniffs of all the woods and grasses as we drove on.

Once we got there, I had to sniff and check out everything! There were so many peoples and their doggies there! Lots of food for pups (and people too!) and plenty of things to look at.

There were also lots of dogs there, waiting for their forever homes. The volunteers walked them around to meet and greet all the visitors, showing how well behaved they are. We hope most found a good family to become a part of before the day was over!

Thanks for stopping by, barooooo!


  1. Woohoo - what a great event sweetie. Looks like a lot of woofies came too.

  2. Thanks Mario! It was a lot of fun!