Friday, December 16, 2011

A Treasure!

One of our new blogging friends, 47 from has recently discovered her talent and love of drawing. She had asked if anyone would like to have their pet sketched. So Mom commented on her blog and we were so happy she chose me as one of her subjects!
Well, when we saw the finished sketch, we were amazed! Mom was taught (many years ago) that an important part of drawing was to be able to see what is really there, not what your mind perceives to be there. 47 captured me in my "glory" as mom likes to say. From the diamond on my nose to the bones on my collar!

But what was even nicer were the wonderful words 47 used in describing her process in creating my portrait. We were so touched by her thoughtfulness!
She'll be sketching a few more pets, so if you have a minute, please check out to see what she and her dogs Rocco and Leia have been up to!
Thanks fur stopping by buddies, baroooo!