Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter's On The Way!

Winter's coming buddies, before you know it, we'll be dipping our paws (and noses) into the snow. After last year's long, snowy winter, mom shudders just thinking about it, but we have to be prepared!
Morton Salt’s Safe-T-Pet® ice melt is sponsoring a public service campaign, kicking off on Dec. 22, 2011, with “National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day" and running through January 2012. The purpose of this is to make our two legged friends aware of the dangers that winter can bring to their pets and other outdoor creatures. We've included some of their tips and added a few of our own. It's always better to be safe than sorry!
Because of my short coat, if I'm out for a long walk, mom makes sure I'm wearing a coat or sweater. Since I'm a scent hound, I'm never off leash (unless at a secure dog park or my doggy daycare). We're more apt to get lost if our once familiar haunts become covered in snow. And just in case, always make sure we have our id tags on!
We use pet-friendly ice melters such as Morton® Safe-T-Pet® on our steps and sidewalks, but our paws are always wiped with a damp cloth after a stroll around the neighborhood. You never can tell what a coonhound might have walked through buddies!
Please don't forget, anti-freeze is deadly for dogs and kitties! Because we're drawn to the sweet taste, mom's extra vigilant when we see any spills in the street or driveways. A little bit is all it can take to make us very sick or worse! If your people have it in the garage, remind them to be sure to keep it tightly sealed and out of our reach.
We have a few outdoor kitties in our neighborhood, along with squirrels and other animals. Be sure to make some noise on your car hood before starting the engine, just in case somebody snuck in to keep out of the cold.
You can find more safety tips on Morton’s Facebook page and on their website

Now the good news! Morton is making a donation of $20,000 to the ASPCA to help keep pets safe in homes and in shelters! You can help increase this donation for the ASPCA by simply visiting the Morton Salt Facebook page ( and “liking” the page. Morton will donate an additional $1 to the ASPCA for every unique “like” received between October 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012! Up to $75,000 in total donations!!! Now we're just newbies at this blogging, but it would be terrific if when you visit their Facebook page, please let them know that Prudence pup sent you!
Thanks fur stopping by buddies, stay safe and warm!


  1. Excellent advice sweetie. M's Tinker Bell got caught under the hood the car and was in pretty bad shape, but the vet saved her. They are always extra cautious about having a car parked out front over night. It can happen so fast.

  2. Thanks Mario! We're glad Tinker Bell was saved. All it takes is a second fur something terrible to happen!

  3. Hello lovely, great tips. We're going to FB to check this out.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. You know, we don't even live in the snow and Bella needs a coat! She hates the cold.

  5. It never occured to me to bang on the hood of my car--and I didn't know there was ice melting stuff safe for dogs! I put booties on Rocco last year because the salt cut his paw pads. I will definitely have to pick some of that up. Thank you very much for saying something!

  6. Thanks for telling us about this donation campaign. Our Teri posted this to FB and Tweeted about it too!

  7. Winter came too fast!

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Oh my goodness. I had NO idea winter held so many dangers - especially the anti-freeze thing. It's not an issue where I am, but I've come from a cold climate and still had no idea...