Saturday, December 10, 2011

What To Do!

Hi buddies!
Christmas is just a few weeks away. Decorations are going up & I have to watch my tail, (literally!) so I don't accidentally "sweep" anything off the table or tree! Well, our tree isn't up yet, but I've been practicing being careful.
I think it's much safer to stick to my sofa. I rearrange the cushions just right and it's a win, win. At least until mom gets home!
Now, I'd like to ask fur some advice. Lately a momma kitty and her kittens have been visiting our porch. I'm pretty cool with my indoor kitties, but sometimes I don't appreciate the outdoor kitties so much. I try not to be too barky, but I'm afraid mom's going to think we have room fur more! Baroooo! No way! She puts out food fur them but now that it's getting colder, she's beginning to worry about them and has been hoping to get them into a real home.

She'd like to try to take them to a shelter, but is afraid they might be worse off there. So if anyone has any advice, we'd really appreciate it buddies. Thanks fur everything!


  1. Looks like you're getting in some solid practice controlling yourself around those decorations:-)!

    Here's our Two Cents on the cats: Call around you area to see if there are any "limited intake/no kill shelters and/or cat shelters or vets offies that will take them.
    We think they're better off going to some sort of a shelter unless you have friends you could convince to take them permanently.They'll be checked/spayed/neutered and have a warm place to sleep!

    Good luck!

  2. We have the same problem. Bob, bulldog, loves the indoor kitties, but glimpse a cat out side and watch out. He is off and running, and mom is clinging to the leash

  3. Yes, find a no kill shelter. They will be fed, kept warm, and get neutered & all that stuff. If you can't take them to a shelter, a friend of M's just bought a house on line for her one feral kitty that keeps coming around. It's really cool. Then she bought a heated blanket to put in there. The kitty is getting tamer by the day, and she hopes one day he'll become an indoor kitty. If interested, let me know on Twitter and M will give you the link to where to find the house.

  4. Our mom doesn't trust us at all around the Christmas stuff yet, probably because we already chewed some stuff up.

    I don't know about the kitties. =0(

  5. We have two ferals that hang around here, and they regularly come into the fenced back yard and lounge on the deck. As time has gone by us dogs and those cats have become used to each other. We're not best buds, but they're not running from the dogs so the dogs don't chase after them.

  6. Oh kitties!? I would really be barkin! They are super cute though....I can see how your mom would be worried! We had some wild ones in the neighborhood two falls ago, but they were too frightened to let anyone near them.

  7. How thoughtful your Mom is about the kitties. It's a magical time of year, something will come about for them. Hope you soon get to "tuck your tail in" around your tree! It's hard, Freddie already tried to eat an ornament knocked off by his tail.

  8. I'd follow the advice of Bocci and Mariodacat. Hopefully those outside cats don't spread the word and have a whole crowd show up on your porch for food:P

    kim and kip

  9. You have a couple of choices:

    You can get them spayed/neutered and keep them there in order to prevent more cats from moving in. You'll need to get them a snug winter cat house if you're going to do that.

    You can take them to a no-kill animal shelter, where they will be spayed/neutered and hopefully rehomed

    Or you can leave them as they are, as I assume you don't want to take them to a shelter where they may end up destroyed. We don't want that for the kitties either! :(

  10. Hi Prudence, what a good dog you are trying to be. I just know Santa will be putting you on his 'nice' list this year. :)

    Re your cat situation, I googled cat rescue in NJ and found a few groups that might be ableto help. Not knowing quite where you are though, I thought I'd just post the results. Http://

    If the cats are feral, they may just be fixed and released but it gets mighty cold up here in the winter and if there's any chance of getting them into a safe (no-kill) shelter or rescue, I think that would be best. Good luck and thank your mom for caring about those kitty critters.

  11. Hi Prudence, we think a no-kill shelter is the best bet. The kittens might be young enough to learn to be pets. If the mom is feral, she could be spayed and released.

    We bark like crazy when the neighbor cat comes on our front lawn 'cause it's OUR lawn.
    Alanis & Miro

  12. You look super comfy on that couch! I hope you figure something out with the kittens!

  13. Hi Prudence, I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the "Liebster Blog" award. There are some "rules" around it but you can read them if you pop over to my blog. :)

  14. Hi@ just visiting as Leslie gave you that award and I'm checking out the recipients!

    I was just wondering, maybe some of your friends would like a kitty? Maybe find homes for a few of them and let some of them stay? It's always hard when kitties adopt you - especially because then you are suddenly responsible for them! Mittens adopted us like that but fortunately we had room for one more :)