Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S as in ...

... knowing the Satisfaction of Saving a Shelter pet!

Still hanging in the "A to Z Blog Challenge"!
So, in keeping with the challenge, we'd like to introduce you to three cuties, whose names all start with the letter S!

Meet Sheba!

Here's what the good people at the Humane Societies in Newark, NJ have to say about sweet Sheba:
"Sheba is 2 year old domestic short hair, mostly grey with white kitty who came to the shelter as a stray on 10/10/13. She is a sweet, gentle kitty who is more interested in interacting with people than playing with toys. Sheba came right over to me and climbed into my arms when I opened her cage and called to her. She loved being held and didn't even mind all the small dogs that were barking around her. She had what she wanted my attention and my arms around her petting her."

Next, please meet Star and Stripes!

Star is a one year old domestic short hair calico, surrendered to the shelter in June, 2013.  Stripes is a three year old domestic short  hair, black and white. She was surrendered to the shelter in March, 2013. They’re both currently spending their time in the “Female Cat Room” at the Newark shelter.

Sheba, Star and Stripes, along with many other wonderful pets, are available for adoption at the Associated Humane Societies in Newark, New Jersey. All pets at the shelter are up to date on their shots and will be altered and micro-chipped once they've been adopted.
  Please visit their website or give the shelter a call at 973-824-7080.

  We love the wonderful photos, taken by Stacey Gammon of Stacey Gammon Pet Photography, of the adoptable dogs and cats on the Newark Humane Society's Petfinder pages, including this one of Star. As you can see, what a difference a great photograph can make!
 The Society offers free DVDs with all cat and dog adoptions at no charge. $300 worth of coupons are offered to each new dog parent and $100 worth of coupons for each new cat parent too!


  1. All such beautiful kitties...we're sure they'll find their furrever homes soon!

  2. I love your theme for the letter S! Shelter animals all the way! These cats are all so beautiful, and I did a big WOW for Star's gorgeous photo...sharing!

  3. They are all beautiful! Hope they find forever homes real soon.

  4. Lovely and we so hope forever homes are found really soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh now that's a trio of real beauties! I hope their forever families show up soon!